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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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on the reft is oakland where it is expected to dip into the upper 30s tonight. the freeze warning starts at 10:00 tonight. >> you mentioned it right. we are under a freeze warning in effect not only for tomorrow morning but also extended through monday morning. temperatures will continue to remain at freezing or below that once we hit the overnight hours. it is for every part of the bay area with the exception of downtown san francisco. the good news tonight not going to get as cold as it is going to get tomorrow night because we have clouds building offshore. the clouds will act as insulation. your hour by hour forecast for san jose shows the skies cloud over. sunrise tomorrow you notice temperatures very cold. 8:00 we talk about temperatures climbing threw trr the 30s. the bridges and overpasses have
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the potential to freeze overnight. black ice a concern. monday morning temperatures are expected to be the coldest. napa are expected to get to 21 degrees. this has been a very long cold spell. now the seventh consecutive day waking up with temperatures below freezing across the bay area. we will have more on the cold snap and when we are expected to warm up. this cold weather has many people bundled upt at home. for those without a home the cold can be deadly. >> reporter: the workers here at eac are hoping to prevent another death related to the cold weather. this shelter is open 24 hours a day. the regular lottery system is suspended and at this point no one will be turned away. there are lots of people here inside that are grateful. sleeping on the street is dangerous in this weather.
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four homeless men have died during this cold spell. it is a grim reality that has some people going through their closet bringing in warm supplies to donate. >> just because of the time of year. i have a warm house. i see on the news all of the people that are out there. >> staff here spent the morning out searching for the homeless delivering blankets and socks to people. they handed out so many blankets supplies are low so donations are welcome here. this shelter has 200 beds but they say if the beds are up anyone will be allowed to go inside and sleep on the floor. >> thank you. and here in the bay area the cold weather may have caused another death in the east bay. the coroner says a homeless man was found dead. an exact cause of death is
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expected monday after the autopsy. if exposure to cold did cause the man's death he would be the fifth person in the bay area to die as a result of the cold weather. the cold air produced quite a bit of snow in the sierrsierr that meant chains at the gas station. at the ski slopes a foot and a half of new snow. if you plan to head that direction chains are still required over the summitt on i-80. >> and cal trans shut down a main highway. drivers on interstate 5 at the grapevine were stuck in traffic for miles. crews blocked and closed all the northbound lanes until about 9:30 this morning. chp officers started letting officers through the grapevine
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by about 1:30 this afternoon. we have new information on a water main break that caused quite a mess. crews were back on the corner early this morning filling in the ten by 15 foot sinkholet that opened overnight. here is what the street looked like about 24 hours ago. the rushing water caused the sinkhole which ended up swallowing wheel of that responding truck. you can track the weather in real time. we are following a developing story. freed and back home merrill newman arrived at sfo this morning. >> reporter: he is happy to be back with his family tonight. we want to show you a picture of
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merrill newman and his wife. it appears he is doing what he told us he wanted to do this morning. that is relax. his son let us know an hour ago he is doing well and pleased to be back at home. >> i am delighted to be home. >> korean war veteran arrived at san francisco international airport after an overnight flight from beijing. the 85 year old addressed the media with a short statement. >> i want to thank the swedish embassy and the american embassy in beijing for all of their help. it has been a great homecoming. and i'm tired but i'm ready to be with my family now. thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciated. >> reporter: the north korean state news agency reported newman had been, quote, deported.
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according to the report his release was a humanitarian gesture based on the 84 year old's advanced age. he was taken off the plane in october and detained until this week accused of being a criminal involved in the killing of civilians during the korean war. this video released on november 29 shows newman reading an apology. to date newman did not answer questions about his treatment except to say the food was, quote, healthy. >> would you go back again? >> probably not. >> reporter: yellow ribbons were put up as a symbol of hope he would return home safely. now they are a sign of that hope fulfilled. >> and as kim mentioned north
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korea said they released newman because he apologized for his alleged crimes. vice president joe biden is in south korea meeting with u.s. soldiers as part of the 60th anniversary. he praised north korea for releasing newman and added he did not play direct role in securing the veteran's release and called attention to this man, kenneth bae, another u.s. citizen being held in north korea. >> it is a positive thing they have done but they have bae who has no reason being held and should be released immediately. and we are going to continue to demand his release, as well. >> authorities arrested bae on charges of committing hostile acts against north korea. >> merrill newman's homecoming story is our top story on
6:08 pm we are learning the oakland as bid was initially denied by major league baseball quite some time ago. major league baseball commissioner informed the team in a letter back on june 17. that letter turned up in a federal court filing last night. all of this is stemming from a lawsuit between the city of san jose and baseball. the team's owner says he is still fighting to move to hose. and coming up next at 6:00. a 16-year-old boy died on a flight from seattle today. police are trying to make sure tomorrow's 49ers game is safe for all of the fans. we will take a look at how much snow came down.
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san francisco police are warning people headed to tomorrow's 49ers game to behave. several officers will be in the crowd wearing seattle seahawks gear. there will be more decoy officers at this game than other game. kickoff is scheduled for 1:25 tomorrow afternoon. search crews are waiting for the weather to let up before they start looking for a silicon valley executive and his family. the search was suspended
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yesterday when snow and frigid temperatures hit the area. smith was flying when he reported engine trouble. it is unclear when search planes will be able to take off again. in washington state a flight that took off from seattle was diverted after a teenager died on board. delta flight 128 headed for atlanta landed in spocane after a 16-year-old boy died despite the efforts of people with medical experience on board. >> we heard we have a medical emergency. apparently, there was somebody on board. i saw a flurry of activity. they had oxygen like canisters. the flight attendants were trying to get those. we see the teenager being carried to the back. >> an airport spokesman says the teenager died of natural causes. there were 258 passengers on
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board the flight. delta flew in a special crew to get passengers on other flights to get to atlanta. the bat kid braving chilly weather to kick off a special fundraiser. the crowd and all of the hype over his return to san francisco. and the simple thing some families take for granted finding a safe place for kids to play. the bay area nonprofit organization that wants to do that for children in one east bay community. another cold night expected. freeze warnings continue for tonight and monday morning. we will break down the cold snap and let you know if warmer temperatures are heading our way.
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animal shelters in santa clara county are hoping to find hundreds of pets a home for the holidays. six shelters in the county have lowered certain adoption fees normally 90 to $100 but until the end of the month fees are $12 to adopt an adult cat or dog. that covers spay or neuter surgery and a lot more. a nonprofit in the east bay is hoping to provide a safer environment for children to play in east oakland. today a group called east oakland community play date held an event. organizers say their ultimate goal is to provide a better future for kids growing up in east oakland. >> i would say to somebody who may see this, grab your neighborer's kids, whatever. come out one saturday and check it out.
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it's really big. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long online fundraiser. you can go to and search east oakland to find out more. the little boy who came to be known as bat kid returned to the bay area today. kicked off the brave the bay 5 k run in san francisco today. there he is. scott is a cancer survivor and the fundraiser benefits the make-a-wish foundation. last month you probably remember thousands of people in san francisco helped make his dream come true fighting crime as batman. and back to our developing weather story. check out the time lapsed video that shows just how much snow built up overnight. this is from north star. the resort reported 18 inches of new snow.
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meteorologist anthony slaughter taking it all in. >> braving the elements this morning made me feel like i was back at home. cold weather across the bay area temperatures are falling quickly. we have clouds lingering. they are moving out and will move back in after midnight. in san francisco right now the trans america tower brightly lit up and you can see the golden gate bridge, a good sign that we are not looking at fog for tonight. again, a few more clouds to start the date. clouds act as insulation. south bay 32 degrees. 44 by noon. it will stay chilly across the peninsula. even in san francisco tomorrow you notice coolal to start with a few clouds by the afternoon hours. full blown sunshine and the same forecast for the north and east. you can see by the evening hours temperatures tomorrow expected to cool very quickly once again. under clear skies so no blankets
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toinse late us. the arctic air continues to slide in from canada and alaska. it is not the coldest night tonight. the coldest night will be for tomorrow. here are the numbers tonight. 25 in napa. 28 in concord. san jose very chilly air, 32. for monday morning it gets colder. we are talking about temperatures in the 20s. so with this and even the rain we saw this morning, the potential for black ice is going to be out there on the roads because temperatures will be below freezing. you definitely want to use caution on the roadways. here is just a little black ice advice. once you get on the roads and see some pavement that looks glazed over that could be black ice. you definitely want to use caution because you can't tell other than that. you definitely want to go slow around the curves and pay attention to the other drivers if you are out there. we always say it is never our
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fault. with the cold weather it will continue to stay across the bay area. the worst cold tomorrow night. remember to keep plants inside and the pets. definitely make sure you bring those in. here is the thing to note. we are in our seventh consecutive day of temperatures below freezing. that starts to take a toll on your body just as heat does. you definitely want to make sure you are taking care of your immune system as we head through the coldest nights season. all aboard the north pole express. we'll show you the special trip dozens of bay area kids took to meet santa and other very special guests, as well.
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. dozens of sick children from the bay area were treated to a trip to the north pole. the kids boarded a plane and
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took to the sky. when they landed they walked off the plane at a gate decorated to look like the north pole. in addition to santa criothers e on hand to greet the kids. each family was given a $200 gift card. google has teamed up to try to spend a space craft to the moon. in all there is about $40 million at stake. they are reaching out to the next generation of scientists you saw there. here is a great example in berkeley, a hands on educational program focusing on the effort to create what they call an apollo moment for the next generation as well as showing off pictures of earth. there is also a documentary at the hall called back to the moon for good showing progress the teams made in being able to get back to the moon by the end of 2015. that documentary runs through the holidays.
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now time for brodie brazil. what is happening in your world? >> warriors in action tonight during a busy stretch on the road. franchise record they broke tonight, show you how the team is trying to bounce back in memphis after a loss in houston. >> the 49ers can deny the seahawks a division title tomorrow. we'll show you how pumped up san francisco fans are fort that chance.
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the seahawks have not won in san francisco each of the last five tries. that's the good news. the bad news if seattle wins tomorrow against the 49ers they will take the nfc west crown. there is a lot at stake here for jim harbaugh's team. >> two good football teams, should be a very exciting game. our guys are ready. they have had a really good week of practice. i think that's where it starts. they are excited to play this game. >> i don't know. i don't have a magic answer for why it is intense. it is a physical game every time we play. there is just bad blood there. >> it is imperative that we won the game. this is seattle. they are 11-1 i believe.
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they have been playing good football. everyone is talking about them saying this, that, they are so good. so it's imperative that we beat this team and come out with the victory. we can't accept anything less. >> warriors in memphis tonight. golden state up three. leading the fast break going behind the back to harrison barnes. that's a nice pass. seth curry hit his 701st three-pointer. right now golden state has the lead. these days sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you are watching a real sports game or video game. advances in technology play a big part but strides would not be possible without the help of the athletes. in advance of the nba 2 k launch a pair of warrior players
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assisted in the development making sure their styles were also showcased. >> i'm here in the 2 k sports place where i just cut myself on the game. ♪ >> this is my first time trying it all out. >> working on some moves. >> i'm excited to see where it goes. >> the fans always -- when you going to be out there?
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>> it will be the first time where a person who is on the bench will have his own signature. >> doing big things. >> so cool how that all comes together. taking on auburn. bo jackson on hand. james franklin from five yards out. a little tense on the sidelines. mason pushing his way across the goal line. 304 yards and four touchdowns for him. jackson knows that was huge and late in the game contest on the line.
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ryan smith will knock down franklin's pass. auburn, close one. stanford update in tempe the cardinals playing against arizona state. they have a 28-14 lead about to start the second half. i know maybe that score won't interest you knowing your background but i had to give it. >> my husband is very interested, however. thank you. do we have a quick second to check with anthony? >> you know we are looking at temperatures right now in the 40s across the board. tomorrow another cold day. freeze warning remains in effect today and tomorrow. >> that will do it for us. see you at 11:00. good night. you're watching nbc bay area news special. tonight we investigate. >> we need to get them more training. >> we take you up in the air with foreign student pilots training in the u.s. why some critics say they are
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being rushed into the cockpit. >> you are having to prove your child needs what the law says your child needs. >> bay area school districts denying services. how legal battles over special ed are costing all students. >> you worked at that station long enough there is a good chance you are going to come down with cancer. >> and we investigate a bay area fire station that earned the ugly reputation as the cancer station. here is chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski. >> for the next 30 minutes we investigate exposing stories, uncovering issues and holding government accountable. we begin on the tarmac with an investigation on the growing demands of pilots. critics say it could affect your safety. the asiana crash at sfo last summer


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